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                                                     Precious Memories           

                                                                      A loving tribute to my father, Randall Christian Sr.

                                 One for all and all for one, the 'Foxhole Mentality' - Randall Christian Sr.

     This month you would have been ninety years old; Imiss you just like you were still here, and I think about you every day. 

I honored you this month by not putting up the Christmas lights until after your birthday, so that the importance of it would

not get lost in the Christmas holiday, just like you taught us.  Plus I spent a little time with you at the cemetery on your birthday,

leaving a sip of Budweiser, you and your daddies favorite beer. 


      I wanted you to know that I've completed the mission you and I set out on in 2003 with our property.  You met Mike David

Chandler once and you told me not to ever let him get away with what he did to our family; well dad, I have completed that mission.

      And now we move our meesage further still, providing support to our Nations Heroes and the like.  Thank you for all you taught

me, I love and miss you with all my heart and soul.

Discussion of the Evidence

March 24, 2004

I filed my first Goodfaith claim alleging that my great grandfather's (B.C Christian Jr.) 665 acre lease agreement had terminated.  I continued to fight for over 17 years trying to prove my case without adequate council, even though I paid out over $270,000, the entirety of my Goodyear retirement fund for 34 years of service.

M.C Production (with Mike David Chandler), who own 100% of all three companies that have been operating on my families land, have been found guilty by the RRC of not having a Goodfaith claim to operate the wells (Rule 14 b (2)) under any of the state of Texas' laws and mandates.

(Click here to see official document)