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                                                  BIRTHRIGHT: INTERVIEW WITH A LEGACY

           Six months ago if you had asked me what my general contribution to society is, I would have given you my standard boiler-plate answer; I served my country for six years and gave my blood, sweat, and sanity to preserve the freedoms we enjoy as Americans… and while yes, this is a great answer no matter the situation, I still feel it is as ‘fall back’ a response as any veteran could muster.

            Six months ago, after an unfair transition from renter to homeless, my fiancé and I found ourselves in what seemed a hopeless situation.  America was slipping into the beginning phase of a global pandemic; work was impossible to find, and money to provide any semblance of food and shelter was dwindling rapidly.  On top of the stresses we were feeling from living shoulder to shoulder in a Toyota Corolla, the world was shutting down around us, and it truly began to feel like the end of the world.

            Then, just when I was ready to give up on all hope, a miracle happened.  With all options exhausted to find help getting out of the proverbial hole, the stars aligned, and the right person was in the right mood on the right day to happen across my paperwork and reach out.

            A program built to aid veterans in East Texas in finding housing and financial aid pointed me to the Christian Restoration Community, where I would meet the single most interesting and driven individual I had met to this day.

            This individuals name was Debra Christian; among a myriad of accomplishments and projects, Mrs. Christian was the owner and operator of the Christian Wellness Center (link below), devoted member of many veterans organizations, AND landlord of at least three veteran housing communities.  Upon first meeting my wife and I and only hearing a small portion of the challenges we had been recently up against, Mrs. Christian welcomed us with open arms. 

            Having no obligation whatsoever to help us, she put us in an impressively large efficiency apartment, left it furnished, and devoted personal time to not only get to know us as tenants, but to gain an understanding of our potential moving forward. 

Immediately she recognized my talents as a computer technician and put me to work doing the things I love to do; she opened the doors to hire me as an apprentice in her Texas Workforce Program; I could go on and on about the selfless acts of kindness that Mrs. Christian showed me but my printer would run out of ink before I could finish my point!