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Using Our Land To Assist Veterans


CRC provides access to adult education courses and veteran housing arrangements on a vast swath of land in Tyler, Texas. We boast more than 1,000 acres on which our programs continue to develop. This land has been within our family since WWI, and it has become our legacy. We are building tiny homes and three-bedroom houses on the USDA-approved land, and we have further plans down the road.

The History Of Our Land

Our owner's great-great-grandfather, Butch Christian, was the one who first bought the land. When our owner's father, a veteran of Korea and Vietnam, came along, the family didn't stay tied to the land; they traveled the world as a military family until the father retired from the military in 2007.

Upon moving back to Tyler, they found that an oil company had taken over part of the property with upwards of 1,500 wells. Seeing that a veteran's property had not looked after while he was serving his country gave birth to CRC's mission: to look out for other veterans' interests, especially here in the states. The US Department of Labor now allows us to take in young veterans on this land, and we now have the opportunity to teach them STEM courses and provide employment opportunities.